This past weekend marked one of my favorite races of the year, the BITD Parker 425 race. What makes this race so great is that its a nice break from the typical Nevada desert, and offers some great scenery and shooting spots. The weekends event always starts off on Thursday with qualifying for the Trick Trucks and Class 1 cars. I always make it a point to shoot qualifying because you typically get great shots because the teams are going all out.

Here is a shot of Andy McMillin airing it out at a jump during qualifying. He had the lead in the bag, but being a rookie he got caught up on a berm on the last corner and had to settle for the back of the back :). I personally blame Todd his codriver :).

A lot of teams put on a great show and I came away with a lot of shots I was happy with.

Here is a video from Paradigm Productions of Andy and Todd in qualifying.

Later that night back at the Blue Water Casino, Andy was presented with the 2009 Driver of the Year award from Dirtsports Magazine.

He’s so dreamy.

Friday both Scott and I spent most of the day driving around the course checking out potential photo spots. Our goal was to come up with a game plan to catch Andy McMillin and Steve Sourapas in the Corona #6 Trick Truck as many times as we could since we were both covering the event for the team. Its always a fun but challenging time figuring out how many times a race you can catch them, getting down how much time you have at each spot, and waiting there as long as you can do get other racers.

Our first spot for race day we went to the start of the race around race mile 2, so that we would get some clean shots of all the cars. The first lap in Parker is always dusty so we wanted to make sure we got some good shots incase they broke early.

John Herder

Sproule Racing

Our next spot lead us to around race mile 134 where the course comes near Shea Road. We chose this spot because it offered a few different shooting angles, and after #6 went by us we could cross the road and catch them again at mile 7.

Sam Berri

After Andy went by we jumped over to catch them on the start of the second lap at race mile 7 which was down in the wash off Shea Road with some decent sand whoops.

Norman Motorsports

We planned on staying at mile 7 for a while, but the spot didn’t turn out to be what we expected, so we jumped ship and headed to race mile 138 a little early to catch the stragglers on their last lap. We shot this same spot last year and it turned out to be pretty good, a plus is that its only a few minutes from the highway.

BJ Baldwin

Class 5000 Car

Andy McMillin

Tracy Rubio

A little after we got to this spot the rain decided to show up, here is Scott sporting the full rain setup via Walmart.

Our last spot for the race we wanted to head to race mile 108. The problem was that the only way to get there was to pass through a road closure on Shea Road. When we got to the closure we showed the volunteers our wrist bands and acted like we knew what we were doing and they waved us through. Sweet.

I’ve shot this spot before a few years ago, but that time they wouldn’t let me through so I made the ridiculous decision to walk to it. It was ridiculous because it was about a 5 mile walk. This time was much more enjoyable driving to it.

I climbed up a power line to get a nice overview shot of a vehicle coming down the course. In retrospect it was also raining, probably not the best idea.

Tracy Rubio

Overall it was a great race and both Scott and I came away with photos and video we were happy with. Here is another video by Scott with some highlights from the race. You can also check out all my photos by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

2010 BITD Parker 425 Photos

Corona Extra Trophy Truck #6 @ BITD 2010 Parker 425 Highlight Video from Paradigm Productions on Vimeo.