“I’m on a boat!”

For this weeks Over The Hump Race at Irvine Lake, CA I decided to mix it up a little and try getting a different perspective and shoot from the water. Matt from OTH was able to get me a small dingy boat to ride around in during the race so I was pretty excited to shoot this week. With the 6pm start times the lighting is great so I knew I’d be able to get some unique shots.

This week they changed it up a bit and put all the 6-10 year old’s in their separate race that started at 5:30pm. It was a nice change because you had not only the spectators, but all the racers cheering them on as well.

Derek Nye cheering on his son at the finish.

These kids were cheering for their big sister.

Off the start I wanted to get a few shots with the foreground in focus and all the riders blurry to get a sence of motion. Its a simple technique where you just pre-focus the camera and lower the shutter speed, in the case 1/60th. Just hold the camera still and fire away.

My friend Chris came along to play captain so I could concentrate on shooting. Here are a few photographs from the race, obviously my goal was to get the water in the shot so you could tell its not from land.

Being on the boat it was a little harder to get individual shots of everyone, so I did what I could, and decided to concentrate more on some overview shots.

We parked the boat right next to the water bridge to get a few shots of racers flying by.

We either inspired a wheelie, a smile, or a tongue.

A few other shots from the water.

You can check out the rest of our photos on our site, see everyone next week!

Over The Hump Series #4

Also had a nice surprise when I got home from the race. My amazing wife Jamie gave me an early Father’s Day gift and signed me up for the August 31st race. So sorry no photos from that race! 🙂 I did a prelap before the race to see what my time would be and I came in just over 20 minutes, so you Beginner-2’s don’t have anything to worry about :).