After a week off I was back at it again shooting the Over The Hump Race Series out at Irvine Lake. I missed last weeks race because of Lucas’s first birthday falling on the same day. For that we head up to Long Beach and hung out at the Aquarium of the Pacific. I was excited to get back out there and shoot and see what new sections OTH added to the course.

The week prior they added a steep hike-a-bike section so I wanted to photograph that, thinking I’d get some good shots of people grinding up the hill feeling the pain! However this week it was an option so I decided to skip it since I may miss a lot of people.

Rather then jumping around between the east and west side of the course this time around, I decided to play it safe and stay on only the east side, so that I’d get more photos of everyone. I like to move around a lot to mix things up, but sometimes you pay the price of missing a lot of the racers.

The first spot I went to was in the beginning of the course after a short single track session before heading back towards the lake.

Monster Energy’s Casey Curie entered this race and now plans on racing the rest.

After everyone went by I got on my bike and headed over to a small short uphill where some of the riders will catch air (only because there is a camera on them đŸ™‚ ) just a little farther up the course.

This is the eventual winner of the race, Sid Taberlay, who on his second lap already had a huge gap between himself and the rest of the Pro/Experts.

Next up I headed to the top portion of the course where there was a long straight away before they made a sharp left up another hill. This section is where a lot of people can either make up or lose a lot of time. For my race on August 31st I plan on bringing a rope and tying it to someone’s seat post.

By this time most of the Beginner and Sport racers had gone by on their last lap, so I headed back to the staging area stopping one last time to catch the lead group.

Sid Taberlay on his way to winning the Pro class by 3+ minutes.

That’s all for this week, we’ll see everyone out there August 17th! All my photos are up on my site so check them out!