I love photography and I love offroad racing, and getting to put the two together always makes me smile. However what I love the most is my family, and this weekend marked the first time that the three of us where able to all go to a race together as a family. We headed up to Las Vegas, the most kid friendly town in the world so that I could shoot Rounds 13 and 14 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series.

Here is a shot of Lucas advertising for PCI Race Radios.

The Las Vegas track is a fun course to shoot because there are a few different options as far as shooting positions go. The Glen Helen track and Surprise track are a little more limited so its nice to be able to roam around a little more. This is the third time we’ve visited this track, so it was a little difficult trying to come up with some new photo ideas.

The biggest jump of the course is right off of turn 1. You come off a wide sweeping 180 degree turn that throws you right into a steep lip that launches you into the air. A good thing about this track is that there are many different view points to photograph the jump.

One shot is from the opposite side of the course, with a 300mm Lens and 1.4x Teleconverter you can get a nice head on shot that works well for the start of the race.

From the inside of Turn 8 you can get a different view of the jump. Here is Kyle Leduc airing it out in his qualifying run on Friday.

Rodrigo Ampudia does the same.

Here is another shot of Ampudia but from the inside of Turn 2 which gives you another good vantage point of the jump.

For a few photos I slowed down the shutter speed to try a few panning shots from the jump.

During the Superlite race on Saturday, Jacob Person and Twitch got tangled up at the top of the jump leaving Person sideway about halfway down the base of the jump. The next Superlite to come over the jump just barely clipped Person, but the next, Brandon Ward, son of Jeff Ward came over the jump and landed right on Person’s truck. Luckily neither of them were seriously hurt.

Another spot on the course where you can get a few different angles of the same jump is the table top along the back stretch before Turn 6.

Head on.

If you follow the fence line along the course you can get right next to the jump.

While shooting the jump head on you also have a few other options once they land.

Here are some more photos from the weekend with a quick explanation about what I liked about them, where they were on the track, or how it was done.

Here is another head on shot from the back stretch, typically on the first lap you can get cars bunched up together.

Here is a shot of Adrian Cenni just after he won his Pro 4 race on Sunday. I didn’t want to get the same shot as everyone else so I stuck the 300mm lens on and shot it from farther back. Ok really I just didn’t want to walk all the way to the podium.

In the last race of the day, the sun was starting to set and the sky was getting some nice orange colors to it. I headed to the back side of the course to try and get a shot with the truck and the sky in the same photo.

There was a bunch of crap in the way, fence, krail, etc so was too happy with the shot so I headed back to where I was shooting before along the fence right next to the table top. The sky opened up again with some great clouds and I was able to get this shot of Robby Woods airing it out. Typically the best shots are usually the ones you don’t expect. I always talk about having a game plan ahead of time and visualizing your shots, but there are always photos that you didn’t expect that you like.

Speaking of visualizing you photos, I know that at the end of the last race they would ignite a huge gas bomb in the middle of the track. Last time we were at this track I got a decent shot of it, but this time around I wanted to get it from a different angle showing the grandstands in the background, along with the fireworks.

The Las Vegas track is right next to an Air Force base so I tried to work that into a few shots

In the inside of Turn 8, I dropped the shutter speed to about 1/30th to try and get a more dramatic look to the photo.

In the same turn Greg Adler wanted to show everyone what are on his skidplates.

And so did Robert Naughton.

And Vandenhuevel.

Here are some more favorite shots from the weekend.

Here is a link to our full gallery from the weekend.

2010 LOORRS Las Vegas Rounds 13 & 14