Almost two months ago I crashed my quad over Thanksgiving and suffered a concussion, broke rib, and a fractured L2 vertebrate. Because of that I had to miss two races in December, making it the first time in a long time that I didn’t shoot anything for over a full month. Instead I was out of working, laying in bed, unable to pick my own son up from his crib.

As time went on I slowly got better, and with the SCORE Laughlin race getting closer and closer I was itching to get back out there and do what I love. Laughlin is also a special race for my wife and I because its where we met 8 years ago. She was scheduled to come out but because she was sick she had to stay home. I also have to give her a special shout out, because while I was injured she ran the household when I wasn’t able to do anything. She is an amazing women.

The weekend started off with qualifying Friday afternoon for the Trophy Truck class. They each do one lap around the 6 mile course to set their starting position for Saturday. If it was up to me I’d have the Class 1 cars also qualify on Friday.

Qualifying was the first time I’d have to walk long distances with all my camera gear strapped to my back, so I took it easy to see how it felt. Thankfully I wasn’t bothered by it so it was game on. HighRev is back!

Here is Robby Gordon during is qualifying run, and turned out to be one of my favorite photos from the weekend. The time of day was just right to get a nice blue sky, and the dirt was lit up real nice by the sun. You always seem to get the best photos during qualifying versus the actual race.

Here is another photo from the same spot of Greg Nunley / Ken Losch. I decided to shoot this spot from this angle towards the end of the session, wish I would of shot it sooner.

This is a different angle from the same spot just more head on.

Redbull’s Bryce Menzies

Cameron Steele

Another spot I shot at was a little jump after they come around from the high school jumps.

After qualifying we went and hit up the pits to get some shots of the clients we were covering. Friday was Corky McMillin’s 82nd Birthday.

Friday night is when the Laughlin Leap was to be held. I was just going through some photos from 2005’s Laughlin race and the difference between the leap then and now is disappointing. In 2005 the jump was twice as wide, and you could actually call it a leap. The past few years its been more of a Laughlin Dropoff. If you have the most horsepower you’ll win the Laughlin Leap [ / end whining ]

My leap experience was basically a failure. Like years past I just use a Canon 550ex Flash setup on a tripod and fire it with pocket wizards. I don’t own a strobe so I use that, plus I like the harsh light it gives compared to the big strobes. One problem I’ve had with it in the past, is that when I’m far away from the light, because there are so many people lined up it blocks the signal. So this year I geeked out and setup a relay with two other pocket wizards set across the track so that I could eliminate that problem. Everything worked good in testing before the leap started, but for some reason the whole night it was very spotting and maybe only 1 out of every 10 clicks would fire the light.

The event virtually has no breaks so I just decided to use the ambient light and if the flash fired it was just an added bonus. My Canon 1D Mark 2 isn’t very usefull past 800 ISO, which left me to use a slower shutter = not many usable images lol.

This is how it was supposed to look.

And here is how it looked 90% of the time.

Here is me being artsy. Artsy is the term most photographers use when something goes wrong and they didn’t expect it to come out like that.

I headed over to the opposite side of the course to try and at least get something decent with all the other people in the background. This is me being artsy. I promise.

Race day quickly came upon us, and with having a client in all 5 groups it meant a long day of shooting and walking. My back still felt pretty good from the day before so I didn’t see it being a problem. To play it safe for Friday I shot near the infield section where the vehicles would leave and enter, so I’d have a little less walking to do then Sunday.

Here are a few select highlights from Saturday that I liked.

The story for the Trophy Truck class for Saturday’s start was Robby Gordon and BJ Baldwin first off the line together. Old Monster vs. New Monster.

Justin Lofton throwing it into a corner.

For Sunday’s racing I decided to shoot near the high school section on the north part of the course. The nice part about shooting here is it gives you a few more options as far ask spots to shoot then near the infield. I would start off shooting each group near the high school jumps, then walk around the course going from spot to spot. Here are some more of my favorites from Sunday.

Thanks for looking once again, we are excited to see what 2011 brings. Up next for me is the BITD race in Parker this weekend, then King of the Hammers, Battle @ Primm, and the first NHRA of the season in Pomona. So stay tuned!