The legendary SCORE Baja 500 was this past weekend and like always it didn’t disappoint. Saturday was a day of great racing with Bryce Menzies winning the prestigious Trophy Truck class as well as the 4 Wheel overall. In Class 1 Steve Euegino/Adam Pffankuch took the win coming from the back of the pack picking people off mile by mile.

Our day (Myself, Scott Smith, and Curtis Guise) started off at the Ojos Negros road crossing, where we would be shooting for the first 12 vehicles until we had to leave for our next spot as we would be following the main pack all day. Being that it was at mile 33, everyone was pretty much in the same order as they started, except that Roger Norman didn’t come through, and Rob Mac has moved up a spot passing TSCO.

The next spot we headed to was near KM77 where they get back on the dirt from a pavement section. We’d shot there at the 1000 last year and we knew if we timed it right we’d be able to catch the leaders there for a second time. By now we were at race mile 80 and the racers were starting to get spread out, with a few people nowhere to be seen, and a few jumping or falling back a few positions. Robby Gordon had moved through the pack in his Dakar Hummer to 16h physically with BJ Baldwin right behind him, still unable to “open up the back of it like a bag of cheatos”. Also by now some of the Class 1 cars had been working there way to the Trophy Truck pack going for the overall.

After an hour went by we got in the truck and drove down to Borrego to shoot at the mini zoo road / Ojos jump. With the racers having to go through the summit, and with a lot of rough sections before the jump we knew we had plenty of time to beat them, and we got there with about 20 minutes to spare. When we first got there the crowd didn’t seem to be as big as years past, but as soon as that first helicopter came around the mountain, and dust could be seen in the distance people came out of nowhere and we were now rubbing elbows with fans wanting to play chicken with a trophy truck.

Bryce Menzies was still holding his lead strong with Andy McMillin right behind him, A funny moment came when Bryce went by and all the locals thought Vildosola was in the lead because of the Redbull paint job. When Vildosola did come through he hit the jump the best, launching his truck to the crowds delight. Robby Gordon also launched his Hummer off the jump coming in a respectful second place in the air department. At this point, which was about race mile 200, it looked as if Robby had made up the most positions again coming by 6th physically.

We shot near Borrego for about two and a half hours before heading to our last spot which was at the meadow before they cross over near Ojos, near race mile 419. By now the sun was getting close to the ridgeline and the racers were only a short time away from racing at night. Bryce still held his lead showing that in his first full season in a Trophy Truck he is a force to be reckoned with. The team of Larry Rosseler and Tim Herbst had gotten around Andy McMillin and came by in second place. While Justin Davis was the first physical Class 1 car, the single seater of Euegino was close behind on his way to the win.