I got the chance to shoot another NHRA race this past weekend with Mark Rebilas up at Bandimere Speedway in Denver, CO. I’ve been to Colorado before to cover some rock crawling events and the scenery up there is great, so I was looking forward to shooting there again.

This was my fourth NHRA race that I have shot so I’m pretty comfortable how the weekend goes and know what to expect. My main assignment with Mark is to cover all the factory Toyota drivers, so I have to make sure that I get plenty of good shots of all of them. When the Funny Cars or Top Fuel Dragsters aren’t racing you’ll either find me in the media room editing or walking around the pits looking for Toyota personalities. Here are a few non racing shots that were used.

One particular shot that I like getting are the closeups of the drivers right before they head out to the start line. You can see the determination in their eyes and always make for some cool photos if you frame it right.

My best photograph from the weekend came from when I was shooting top end (area after the finish line) when John Force blew the body of his Funny Car after his engine exploded shortly after the start. Its not the best photograph in the sense of composition, lighting, etc, but getting a shot of the biggest name in drag racing doing something like that is rare.

Here is a screen capture of the same shot up on Sports Illustrated website.
John Force NHRA Denver

Now on to the racing. Spencer Massey would end up taking the win in Top Fuel Dragster, and John Force won for Funny Car.

I had a great time out in Denver and look forward to shooting out there again, here are some more of my favorite shots from the weekend. Enjoy!

On Sunday I shot the quarter finals from up in the stands to get a little different perspective then the typical head on or top end shot.

You can only shoot a burnout so many times but luckily for this one i was able to get two smoke trails in the shot.

This photo is from Fridays qualifying session and I liked it because of the cloud patterns, and also with the sun setting got a nice flare coming behind the mountains.

For this shot I climbed up to the second story of the building behind the start line and hung over a railing to try and get a unique perspective of Tony Schumacher.

Some of the best shots come when the sun is going down and you get to see all the flames coming out the exhaust pipes. I was told I was pretty lucky since only a handful of NHRA weekends get qualifying sessions at night.

To see all our shots for Toyota from the weekend check out the link below.
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Here is a link to a photo blog Mark did for Toyota.
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And lastly here are some more of my favorite shots from the weekend.