Nascar has Daytona, Formula 1 has Indy, and short course offroad racing has The Big House in Crandon. No other track has the rich history that Crandon does, and the amount of fans that show up haven’t been rivaled at any other track.

Because of scheduling and the locations of the TORC series I wasn’t able to make it out to any of the previous races this year, but I always make it a goal to shoot the Fall Crandon race. The course is much different then all the LOORRS venues in that its spread out over a large area where all the Lucas tracks are crammed in on themselves. Photography wise the track is a photographers dream with nice dark dirt, green trees in the background, and much more freedom to explore the track for photo spots.

Here are my top 15 shots from the weekend, already can’t wait for next year!


This is a shot of Kyle Leduc throwing his Pro 4 into the final turn during racing on Friday. I slowed down my shutter speed to help get a sense of motion, and luckily some of the truck is in focus so I can officially label this photo as “artsy”.


What I like about this shot is the lighting, on Friday because there was the parade and they were making up a previous round, the Pro 2 race was held later in the day. While shooting the big table top jump head on I turned around and noticed the trucks passing by and the light painting the trucks and their dust trail.


This is a shot of Johnny Greaves standing next to his son CJ who is about to race his prolite. It tells the story of one of the best short course racers of all time teaching his son who is a rising star of the sport.


The crowds in Crandon are what help make it such an awesome track. This shot was taken during the first race of the day, and the stands are already packed with diehard race fans.


For the Pro Buggy race I wanted to shoot from atop a platform where I could shoot turn one from behind, so I headed over there before the start of the Super Truck race to get into position. Well I didn’t get there in time before they came around so I hung out in a little valley in the middle of the course to wait it out. While standing there I saw a nice potential photo with a bunch of greenery taking up most of the composition of the shot. Sometimes your favorite photos aren’t the ones you planned for, I think being a good photographer is being able to adapt to your surroundings.


Speaking of planned shots, this is one that I had planned out. There is another tall platform on the course used by a track official to see an overview of the track. If you hate heights its not the place for you, its about 60 feet high and held up by four steel poles that were probably welded together 50 years ago, and almost completely rusted. I wanted to get a shot with the full field in the photo and the Prolite class was the only field with enough entries to fill out the photo. The composition, the clouds, the dark dirt, green trees all make the photo.


Shooting from the same platform but with a longer lens during the Pro 4 race, I was able to get this shot of four trucks all in a four wheel drift around a turn which you couldn’t get from standing track level.


The story of the weekend was the weather, and during the Pro 4 race on Sunday the track became muddy as rain hit the track. Here Steve Barlow hits a puddle after he slid off the landing zone off the big table top.


I think that is a Nissan, I think that’s Chad Hord, and I think its a Pro 2.


No this isn’t a robot, its Rob MacCachren after the Pro 2 race on Sunday.


I still argue that offroad photographers have some of the worst conditions to shoot in sports. Most sports stop with rain, dust, silt, and mud. Not us!


One of my favorite spots on the course to shoot from is on the inside of turn 2. They have all their speed from the land rush start and go into a full speed drift around this corner. Its a challenging shot when you try to pan with it because they are coming by you so fast, but also because they aren’t parallel with your pan, they are coming at you at about a 45 degree angle so its harder to get that perfect pan, here is the best one from this year.


Love him or hate him Brian Deegan can drive, and when he wins he always lets out his full emotions which make for good photographs.


This is a shot from the last turn before the big table top, its another shot that shows the deep rich dirt of Crandon that I love.


For only the second time in the history of the cup race, Chad Hord put a Pro 2 across the finish line before any of the Pro 4 trucks could catch them. If you ask anyone Chad is one of the nicest racers around so it was great to see him and his family celebrate the win, which he said was the biggest of his career.

So those are some of my favorite shots from Crandon this year, below you can view some other photos from the weekend. Till next time!

2011 TORC Fall Crandon