This year marked the first time I shot the X Games, and was looking forward to the challenge. My two assignments were to cover the RallyCross and Enduro X events, both which are things that I had never photographed up to that point. Since both events were on the same day I knew a busy day was ahead, first having to shoot RallyCross during the day, head straight to the media center in the Staples Center to upload photos for, then head into the stadium to shoot Enduro X.

The biggest challenge in shooting the RallyCross races was access to the course. They were being very strict on where we could go so you had to get creative with your spots. When situations like that arise you can either complain about it, or suck it up and look for other spots to shoot from. A few spots where we were allowed to go had some decent angles, but I still needed to get a variety so that everything didn’t look the same. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Desert racer Bryce Menzies made his debut in RallyCross teaming up with Travis Pastrana for the Red Bull/Dodge/KMC team.

Tanner Foust ended up finishing 6th for the weekend.

WRC stud Sebastien Loeb came out to the X Games and dominated the RallyCross as hardcore rally fans expected him to.

Travis Pastrana put on a good showing during the heat rounds but got taken out in the LCQ by Andy Scott.
Ken Block would win the silver medal just barely edging out Brian Deegan, finishing on a rear flat tire.
Brian Deegan would finish third trying to defend his 2011 gold medal.  With the track being so tight and not a lot of space to pass, he did a good job coming from the back of the pack in the final.

Rhys Millen hits one of the rare dirt jumps on the track.

Travis Pastrana during the first heat with the Staples Center in the background.

Sebastien Loeb celebrating his win in RallyCross at X Games.

After the final round was finished and I got some shots of Sebastien Loeb celebrating, I headed straight to the Staples Center so that I could edit and send out photos before the first rounds of Enduro X started. I’ve seen some Enduro X on TV and shot the King of the Moto race at King of the Hammers this year, so I knew what to expect. If you haven’t seen it before do a quick google search and see for yourself. Its basically a Supercross race with water crossings, wood logs, and rock piles thrown into the mix.

The main challenge in shooting this event was that the lighting was pretty bad inside the stadium again access wasn’t the best. Luckily my buddy Vincent let me borrow his Canon 1D Mark 4 body so that I could crank up the ISO. Access wise there were only two spots for credentials media to shoot from and after a while every shot looked the same, so for the final race I walked up to the third level and shot the race from above. They didn’t want anyone shooting in the stands from the 2nd level, but because the seats were empty in the top level, the ushers there were cool with letting me shoot there.

Here are a few photo highlights from the Enduro X races.

This is my favorite shot of the day, the eventual race winner Mike Brown maneuvering through the rock section of the course.

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Stay tuned for my next blog about my trips to Denver and Sonoma for NHRA!