Shooting an offroad race down in Baja is always a great experience. The people are great and welcoming, and the atmosphere on race day is something you just don’t get in the states. This year the SCORE Baja 500 ran a few new sections that either hadn’t been run before, or weren’t used in quite some time, so I made sure to prerun as much as I could.

For the first time at a SCORE Baja race, qualifying would be held to determine start positions for Trophy Trucks and Class 1 cars (though still starting separate). It was held down in Ojos Negros on private land away from the race course, and coming into it I was worried it would just be held on the graded roads down there, but Roger Norman setup a great course. Here are a few of my favorite shots from qualifying before we get into race day.

Robby Gordon would end up qualifying first.


The first spot that I went to on race day is where I shot last year as well. Its right along the highway before the racers get on the pavement the first time near KM77. Its nice because being right by the highway its easy access to get to the next photo spot.

Thanks Luke McMillin for not hitting me.

This is the case where it would of been a great photo if I wasn’t too close to where I cut off a bit of the front fender. Still a good photo but bugs me that the truck isn’t in the full frame.

Some bike love, here 1x rider Colton Udal makes his way to his Baja 500 win.

I timed it that I could stay at this spot for about an hour and a half before I had to leave and head west to the coast to my second and final spot. To get over to the Colonet area where I’d be shooting I took the cutoff road that starts in Valle De Trinidad and puts you near Santa Thomas. I gave myself a 3 hour window from once I left my first photo spot to get over to the Pacific side and work my way to my final spot. On Wednesday while prerunning I came to a great little silt area that had already been getting chewed up, so by race day with all the prerunning I figured it would be a good spot. To top things off I found a road that ran directly to it. A lot of times you’ll find some great spots to shoot but they are so remote you either can’t get there or you have to go before the race starts and you can’t leave till its over.

A good tip for when trying to find a spot to shoot from is looking for somewhere that offers a variety of shooting angles. This spot was in a meadow where I could shoot at three different spots, but by even just moving to the other side of the course if gives you a fresh new look on the same spot. Always move around! Don’t sit in the same spot and shoot over and over again.

Silt is my favorite thing to shoot, and rather then go into each shot I’ll just show you some of my favorites from this spot and you’ll see why I enjoy photographing it to much. (Let them all load!)

The people of Baja are the best.

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