The Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series (LOORRS) came back once again to Glen Helen for their annual night race. Glen Helen is always a fan favorite with full crowds and standing room only. The short tight track makes for some great battles where passing is hard to come by.

Shooting a short course race at night is quite different then shooting it during the day. While Lucas Oil brings in large light trailers to light the course up, there are still some areas on the track that are very dark, and some so dark its un-shootable. Another obstacle shooting a night race is the time. A photographers job isn’t always done once the shoot ends, sorting, editing, and getting photos out to clients can sometimes take more time then the actual race. For Glen Helen I would get back to the hotel at about midnight and go to bed at 5am. Being a photographer may seem like a cool job but don’t forget all the time and hard work you have to put in to do it!

LOORRS Round 9 Photo Gallery
LOORRS Round 10 Photo Gallery

Here are my favorite 10 shots from the weekend, you can see some more in the gallery at the bottom. Enjoy! Next up NHRA in Seattle!

Jimmy Fishback went for a ride after hitting a krail in turn 2.

On Friday for qualifying there was overcast all day which I love shooting in. Its like you have a natural softbox with no harsh lights.

Some times the story is in the details.

And the reason why I do what I do. Love to see my family out at the races and going crazy like true fans.