For the first time I made the trip to Pacific Raceway just outside of Seattle Washington for the last race on the NHRA Western Swing. Its always exciting to visit a new NHRA track because you are forced to step out of your comfort zone. When you go somewhere you’ve shot before, its easy to get caught in doing the same thing you’ve always done, but at a new drag racing track every angle is new, each chance you take on a photo is something you haven’t shot before.

One unique feature about Pacific Raceway is that its surrounded by huge trees on both sides of the track. I tried to make sure that I worked them into the photos whenever I could. The challenge isn’t always shooing a drag racing event, but rather making each event stand out from the last, so they don’t look like they’ve been shot at the same place.

Once a race I try and work my way up to the stands to shoot from there to get some different angles.

Some tracks the cars get towed back to the pits in front of the stands, so shooting up top lets me give another angle to our client or their tow vehicle.

Another unique feature about Pacific Raceway is that it has a grandstand behind the start line so it lets you get a good crowd shot at the start line.

I’ve talked about this before, but the story isn’t always shooting the race, staging lanes, teams working on the cars, warming them up, etc help tell story of full weekend.

Congrats to Morgan Lucas who took the win in Top Fuel, and his first win in 2013.

That’s it for Seattle! My next NHRA race isn’t until the finals in Pomona this November. Next race is the BITD Vegas 2 Reno race where this happened last year!