This past November I had the privilege of going to Gateway, Colorado for the debut of the new Artic Cat Wildcat Trail for After checking out the website for the resort we were going to stay at (Gateway Canyons Resort) I knew there would be some great opportunities to get some real scenic photos.

The main purpose of the trip was to get seat time in the Artic Cat Wildcat Trail so that we could get the footage we need for the story, and so that I could document my experience and do a review. You can check out the article to get my experience along with all the technical details on the Wildcat at the link below. Also check out the shakedown video highlighting the vehicle as well by Mad Media.

2014 Artic Cat Wildcat Trail Review
Artic Cat Wildcat Trail Shakedown Video

I really have to thank Joey over at UTVUG for sending me to Gateway on this awesome trip, along with Artic Cat for putting on the event. I had a great time and it was nice to get away after a long trip down at the Baja 1000. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip, hope you enjoy them!

Before we left for our group ride we had a breakfast buffet at 7am-8am to fuel up before we headed out on the trail. I used that time to get a shot of all the Wildcats lined up with the resort and the eroded mountain tops in the background before there were any people around or any of the UTV’s got moved.

We also had the opportunity to take the Wildcats just off the resort so that we could knock out the static shots highlighting the outside of the vehicle along with any detail shots.

After everyone finished up it was time for the fun part, drive them! We left straight from the resort and started by climbing a fire road up to the top of the mountains. The trails ranged from tight wooded areas, rocky terrain, fast open trails, and we even found some snow to play in. For the ride we would all go single file for about 15-20 mins, then we would stop and Artic Cat would let us play around to get photos and video. We did this a few times before heading back down the mountain and back to the resort.

My goal for the action shots were to get a mix of both tight shots that showed the Wildcat Trail in action but also some wider shots to show the scenery we were in.

In the late afternoon the group headed back to the resort after a full day putting the Wildcat to the test. While I had got plenty of photos for the story I still wanted more, and with the sun getting lower in the sky it was approaching the best light of the day. With the scenery around us and the light hitting that sweet spot it felt like a crime not to take advantage of it, so we found a bluff over looking the resort and much of the canyon and did one last photo shoot. I’m glad that we did as my favorite shots came from it, just goes to show you it can pay off to always go above and beyond what you are asked of.