The BITD Silver State 300 is one of my favorite offroad races to shoot each year. Just 150 miles outside Las Vegas the race is centered around the old railroad town of Caliente Nevada. Some races you go to you may struggle to find a few good shooting spots but at this race the dilemma is always trying to narrow them down and deciding where to shoot. From water crossings, big silt beds, fast rally roads, forest sceneries and railroad bridges, its hard not to find a good spot to take photos from. But you have to do your homework.

Another aspect I like about this race is that it’s only 300 miles, so figuring out time splits from spot to spot gets interesting as you want to stay at a spot as long as you can to get as many vehicles, but you also don’t want to be there too long and miss the leaders at your next spot. With some planning and scouting before hand I was able to get the leaders four times along with all my client needs. Below are 20 of my favorite photos from this race along with a full gallery below. Check them out and let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting!

With qualifying being held in a dirt lot next to the highway it was a challenge to get photos without anything distracting in the background.

Jason Voss finished second fastest in qualifying but a penalty to Dale Dondel bumped him to first.

Justin Lofton was a mad man during qualifying throwing his truck into every corner and usually ending up on 2 or 3 wheels.

The first spot I went to was near the start just to get about the first 60 guys before I had to bail to beat the leader to the railroad bridge. Was pretty dusty but the wind was cooperative.

Made it over to the railroad bridge with about 5 minutes to spare before Voss came by. I shot the top 5 roll threw then headed to my next spot.

The big water crossings of years past aren’t used anymore due to some issues with the railroad company but they still go through a smaller one. Getting to it isn’t all that easy which is where doing your homework comes into play. Its a win win spot in that you get a unique shot you won’t get at any other BITD race, and if you’re hot you get cooled off if you stand too close.

I was able to stay at the water crossing for about an hour and a half before I had to leave for my final spot. Its pretty deep into the course and it would take me an hour to get there before to get there without going on race course, you have to take a long way through a meadow. Its the same spot I shot last year but I really like the spot because there is a lot of variety to shoot and of course it was filled with silt. Because it was the last spot I would be there for about 4 hours so I tried to move around as much as I could.