You hear it all the time from both newbies and veterans of people who go to Crandon Raceway on Labor Day weekend for the world championships. “You need to go to Crandon once in your life.” One thing is certain, that you never hear someone come back from Crandon and say they didn’t have a good time, the racing was just eh, and that cheese curds aren’t gods gift to the earth. Crandon is Crandon, and words aren’t enough to put the experience of Crandon into perspective. When you get to Crandon and walk into the raceway you feel a sense of history hovering over your shoulder and you know just how important the track is to our sport. Your first time there, or if you go back year after year, that feeling is always there.

The first time I went to Crandon was with my friend Steve Kurtyka in 2004, and we slept in our rental car in Ross Hoek’s pit. We had no idea what to expect when we got there but we left with some great memories and that we knew we would be back. Fast forward to 12 years and a bunch of trips later and it was time to celebrate Crandon’s 47th anniversary.

Here are some of my favorite photos and memories from this year at Crandon and at the end of this post be sure to check out even more photos from the weekend.

Until next year Crandon!

I wanted to do a photo shoot with Kyle Leduc before the weekend started and before his truck started losing body panels, so we found a lake on the backside of the track and got lucky with no wind and was able to get this cool reflection shot while hitting him with a strobe light.

On the outside of turn one Crandon put up a new spotters tower which meant a new angle to shoot from.

How many people can you count? Whats great is that this photo is from the end of the day, but its just as packed for the first race of the day.

On Saturday Johnny Greaves and son C.J. put on a great battle for the fans in Pro 4 and in the end pops showed he still had what it takes to win.

The most famous turn in offroad.

It was CJ Greaves weekend taking home a Pro 2 and Pro 4 championship along with winning a race each respectively as well as sweeping the weekend in stock UTV.

Some Pro 2 carnage with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Luke Johnson.

Probably my best memory from the weekend was seeing Keegan Kincaid win the cup race in his hometown, but more importantly being able to share that moment with his son.

Also had a chance to fit in a quick photoshoot with Patrick Clark Sunday morning where he was debuting his new wrap for his truck. The shoot started at 7am which meant we only had about 45 minutes to set everything up, shoot two different spots and get Patrick finished up before his drivers meeting that morning.

Things ran a little late on Saturday (Hawaii has Hawaiian Time, Crandon has Crandon Time) which meant the last race started to dip into sunset which I never mind.

Kyle Leduc came out to Crandon again with hopes of putting on a dominating performance like in 2014 but luck wasn’t on his side this year after blowing a motor on Sunday’s morning race then getting a flat tire in the cup race.

Another angle from behind turn one that you haven’t been able to shoot before.

Decided to throw a GoPro on both Kyle Leduc and Patrick Clark’s truck and set them up as time-lapse to try and get an interesting shot. Out of about 6000 photos there were two that I liked.

TORC does a champagne celebration after each Pro win so climbed up on the podium scaffolding to get a different angle of the celebration.

It takes a lot to throw it into turn one with full commitment, especially after the turn starts getting some ruts built into it.

Here is another view of the massive crowds out in Crandon.