• Posted on June 07, 2010

LOORRS Las Vegas – Remote Flash, is that a dome light?

Back in 2008 I read an article on the Strobist Blog about how David Hobby mounted a few remote flashes inside the cockpit of a helicopter to light up the interior at sunset. Here is a link to the original article.


  • Posted on June 03, 2010

LOORRS Las Vegas – Remote Camera Roll of the Dice

Like most events that I go to, I usually have a few goals in mind regarding a certain shot or angle I want to get. This past weekend I headed out to Las Vegas for Rounds 5 & 6 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series to cover short course racing. For this weekend my goal was to get some unique shots using a remote camera and a remote flash inside one of the race trucks. A few years ago I mounted a camera in Kyle Leduc’s Prolite truck, and again in Brad Lovell’s and Becca Webster’s Rockcrawler, and while I got a few decent shots I always wanted to try it again. Here are a few shots from a few years ago.

  • Posted on April 28, 2010

2010 Lucas Oil Offroad Racing – Rounds 3 & 4

This past weekend marked Rounds 3 & 4 for the 2010 Lucas Oil Offroad Racing series in Surprise, Arizona.  Coming into the races I had a few goals in mind.  One goal was to get some driver profiles when they are in their trucks using off camera flash with a little homemade snoot I made. 

  • Posted on July 07, 2009

LOORRS Lake Elsinore + Heat + Mud + Batwing = Wow

Carl Renezeder

Carl Renezeder

This past weekend was Rounds 5 & 6 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series, out in Lake Elsinore, CA. Short course racing is always fun to shoot because unlike desert racing, you get a lot of chances to photograph each vehicle. It gives you more opportunities to try out different angles, techniques, and try out different spots on the course. In a desert race you may only see a trophy truck one or two times, but in a short course race you get to see all vehicles 30-40 times throughout a 3 day weekend.

  • Posted on September 13, 2008

CORR – Chula Vista – Round 9

Here are some highlights from today’s racing! Carey Hart was there and signed autographs. He will be racing a Pro 2 next season.

  • Posted on July 30, 2008

CORR Chula Vista

I headed out to Chula Vista this past weekend to cover the latest CORR race. The schedule went by a lot smoother this time around, mainly because the races were live on Speedvision and NBC. Not too much to report about the race, so here are a few photos from the event. Should hopefully have all my photos up by this weekend.

I fly out to Cortez, Colorado this friday to cover a XRRA event, so look for some posts about that soon!