• Posted on December 12, 2008

BITD Henderson Photos up!

Photos are now up! Congrats to everyone who participated, Henderson is always a fun race. Just next year lets tell the dust god to take a day off lol.

Also a reminder, for the rest of the year get 15% off all orders by entering in the coupon code EndOfYear. Get an additional 10% off if you order within 7 days of the gallery being posted.


  • Posted on December 04, 2008

First time with strobes…

A good friend Jordan May let me borrow his strobes for a project I’m working on, and last night I got the bug to do a few test shots. I’ve never used strobes before so it was exciting to try something new in photography. Understanding, and knowing how to control lighting is absolutely necessary to be able to take photography to the next level.

For this amazing, brilliant, and stunning image I used one Alien Bee 400 set to about 1/16 power. I shot through a translucent umbrella that was about 2′ away from Mr.Teddy. I think my camera settings were 100 ISO, 1/250th, and f8 or so. Maybe it was f16. Eh who knows.

  • Posted on September 24, 2008

Wedding Video

Here is a quick video our friend Scott Smith put together from our wedding ceremony. Enjoy!

Zindroski Wedding from Paradigm on Vimeo.

  • Posted on September 13, 2008

CORR – Chula Vista – Round 9

Here are some highlights from today’s racing! Carey Hart was there and signed autographs. He will be racing a Pro 2 next season.

  • Posted on September 13, 2008

CORR – Chula Vista Friday

Made it out to practice today for the CORR race in Chula Vista this weekend. Here are a few quick photos, I’ll try and post some after tomorrows racing. Don’t forget to check it out on Speed Channel live tomorrow!


  • Posted on August 20, 2008

BITD Vegas 2 Reno – Day 1


First day of this three day adventure. Today I flew into Vegas to start the first day of the BITD Vegas 2 Reno race. The race actually starts in Beatty on Friday but Time Trials and contingency are both in Vegas. Today my game plan is pretty simple, get my rental car and drive straight to Jean before dark to go scope out the time trial course. The past few years it has been in the same location but I’m hoping they changed it up this time around. You can only shoot the same spot so many times, but it would just mean you have to try something else and it is always good to challenge yourself. If ten other photographers are in one spot, why get the same shot as them right?

(Pre flight meal)


Good news, the time trial course is different this year. This time around it is near the SCORE race course off Knight Ranch Rd. They haven’t been on this part of Jean before for time trials, so looking forward to shooting it.

Preran a lap on the time trial course, found some good spots. This course is a lot different then years past. A lot more rough sections and some more technical sections. Came across Casey from BITD while prerunning, when he saw me he was a little upset because he thought a team was on the course. I explained I was just a media goon and he was cool with it. Should be interesting tomorrow morning!

Good thing I also got a 4×4 Rental car (and the insurance), its pretty sandy out there and it came in handy a few times.