• Posted on August 20, 2008

BITD Vegas 2 Reno – Day 1


First day of this three day adventure. Today I flew into Vegas to start the first day of the BITD Vegas 2 Reno race. The race actually starts in Beatty on Friday but Time Trials and contingency are both in Vegas. Today my game plan is pretty simple, get my rental car and drive straight to Jean before dark to go scope out the time trial course. The past few years it has been in the same location but I’m hoping they changed it up this time around. You can only shoot the same spot so many times, but it would just mean you have to try something else and it is always good to challenge yourself. If ten other photographers are in one spot, why get the same shot as them right?

(Pre flight meal)


Good news, the time trial course is different this year. This time around it is near the SCORE race course off Knight Ranch Rd. They haven’t been on this part of Jean before for time trials, so looking forward to shooting it.

Preran a lap on the time trial course, found some good spots. This course is a lot different then years past. A lot more rough sections and some more technical sections. Came across Casey from BITD while prerunning, when he saw me he was a little upset because he thought a team was on the course. I explained I was just a media goon and he was cool with it. Should be interesting tomorrow morning!

Good thing I also got a 4×4 Rental car (and the insurance), its pretty sandy out there and it came in handy a few times.

  • Posted on August 06, 2008

Car Collection Shoot

So for the past few days I’ve been helping out Boyd Jaynes with a photoshoot he was hired on to do with a private car collector. The owner has a lot of great cars in his arsenal, ranging from a VW Beetle Limo, classic Baja race cars, a Porsche Rally Car, and one of the oldest VW’s in America that was used by the Nazis in WWII. A lot of great vehicles and had a good time helping out. Here are a few photos I snapped with my IPhone while we were working.

Setting up the studio in their warehouse.

Sweet VW Beetle Limo. Asked if I could borrow it for my wedding and he just laughed lol.

A Woody laid out on a Lincoln Navigator chassis.

VW Bus

Porsche Rally Car

Really nice Porcshe C in mint condition.

Interior was really nice, perfect condition.

A few shots of all the cars.

Anyone want to go fishing?

  • Posted on August 01, 2008

XRRA – Cortez, CO

On my way to Cortez, CO to cover the last XRRA race of the year. Stay tuned for more updates from my trip!


On the way from Durango driving to Cortez I came across a Logging Company and had to stop and snap some photos.

Saturday – 6pm

Helped out Chad Jock with a quick photoshoot after the event. Should have a few photos posted here later tonight.


Here are some teasers from the event!

  • Posted on July 31, 2008

New IPhone App

Testing out the new iphone app that let’s you blog straight from the phone. It will come in handy when I’m on the road. For now here is a test shot of Tommy to see how easy it is to post photos.


  • Posted on July 30, 2008

CORR Chula Vista

I headed out to Chula Vista this past weekend to cover the latest CORR race. The schedule went by a lot smoother this time around, mainly because the races were live on Speedvision and NBC. Not too much to report about the race, so here are a few photos from the event. Should hopefully have all my photos up by this weekend.

I fly out to Cortez, Colorado this friday to cover a XRRA event, so look for some posts about that soon!

  • Posted on July 18, 2008

WE-Rock Donner Springs

Friday 10:26am – Sitting here in the Long Beach Airport waiting for my flight out to Reno. I’m headed up to Donner Springs this weekend to cover the final west coast event of the WE-Rock series for Pirate4x4.com. When I can figure out how to post photos here from my iPhone I will, until then your stuck with the boring play by play.

Why is it that almost 7 years after 9/11 people still don’t know that they have to take off their shoes and have their boarding pass in their hand through security?

Friday 11:56am – Whens the last time you actually got food on an airplane for free? Two thumbs up for ExpressJet! Too bad they are going out of business.

Friday 1:48pm – Only in at the Reno Airport…

Friday 4:30pm – This is one reason I really enjoy the Donner Springs area. Its filled with great scenery like this photo I took below.

Saturday 8:35am – Note to self, don’t share room with Chad Jock. He wakes up too early, makes coffee at six in the morning, and opens the hotel window when its 50 degrees out. And he snores.

Saturday 8:00pm – Here are some photos from todays event.

Sunday 10:23pm – Now sitting in my hotel back in Reno. I fly out tomorrow to return back to Laguna Nigel and head home. While Donner Springs is a great place to visit, I do miss being home. Here are a few photos from todays action. For more detailed info on the event, check out Pirate4x4.com.